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五輪 真弓の曲

貴方 から 苦しみ を 奪えた その 時
(あなた から くるしみ を うばえた その とき)

私 にも 生きてゆく 勇気  が 湧いて 来る
(わたし にも いきてゆく ゆうき が わいて くる)

貴方 と 出会う まで は 孤独な 流離い 人
(あなた とであう まで は こどくな さすらい びと)

その 手 の 温もり を 感じ 挿せて
(その て の ぬくもり を かんじ させて)

愛 は 何時も ララバイ
(あい は いつも ララバイ)

旅 に 疲れた 時
(たび に つかれた とき)

唯 心 の 友 と
(ただ こころ の とも と)

私 を 呼んで
(わたし を よんで) Continue reading

Packet Tracer on Mac 

I was decided trying mac os however, several problem comes because lot of application that used for supporting my job or study running under windows operation system and not all of software developer launch for mac version eg: cisco packet tracer (a network simulator software). after search on google, several alternative can be solution to fix it :

  1. Virtual OS
  2. Dual boot OS
  3. Emulator

i’m not interest for option number one due to running more than one operation system in same time may cause performance degraded, more resource needed while running multi OS together. just skip the second option like option number one, the reason is so simple, we must often booting the computer in order to change other OS and IMHO mac appearance doesn’t match for other operation system interface. so i choose the emulator (PlayOnMac) as solution.

a quote taken from an article below described

PlayOnMac is a Wine packager, Wine means ‘Windows Emulator’ and comes from the Linux community. The PlayOnMac packager makes use of the Mac’s X11 GUI environment latent in many *nix based operating systems.

Wine is not a new thing for me, i ever use this application before while running several windows application on my linux ubuntu

How to install cisco packet tracer on you mac ? let’s check this out a simple tutorial from several references

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