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Packet Tracer on Mac 

After make decision to trying mac os several problem coming due to many application that used for supporting my job or study running under windows operation system and not all of software developer launching for mac version include cisco packet tracer (a network simulator software). in fact i have separate my requirement of a portable computer which one for work or study and the other just for fun, just want to trying solve this problem and don’t worry several way can be solution

  1. using virtual OS
  2. dual boot OS
  3. using emulator

i’m not interest for point number one due to running more than one operation system in same time may cause speed performance degraded, more resource needed while running multi OS together.. skip

like the point number one, the reason is so simple, we must often booting the computer in order to change other OS and IMHO mac body doesn’t match for other operation system interface and one point of interest mac is the beautiful of software interface i think your eyes doesn’t comfort with the collaboration

so i’m taking the last point for solution, using PlayOnMac

a quote taken from an article below described

PlayOnMac is a Wine packager, Wine means ‘Windows Emulator’ and comes from the Linux community. The PlayOnMac packager makes use of the Mac’s X11 GUI environment latent in many *nix based operating systems.

Wine is not a new thing for me, i ever use this application before while running several windows application on my linux ubuntu

How to install cisco packet tracer on you mac ? let’s check this out a simple tutorial from several reference

  • Login into your cisco academy account for downloading packet tracer installer, choose for windows version (i’m downloading packet tracer version 533)
  • Go to register an user account and download the latest version of PlayOnMac (i’m downloading 4.1.8)
  • Install PlayOnMac dmg following the process until finish

Launch PlayOnMac then install packet tracer by click install new program menu

Choose install a non listed program menu below
 Browse packet tracer file installer on your located folder
Follow step by step of installation process and If you’re found error please running debugger and check the error message, find compatibility software with wine version, in this post i’m using wine version 1.5.18, you can change wine version by select configure menu and click menu + for adjust wine version, makes sure your mac connected to internet for downloading available wine version

Packet Tracer Run on my OSX

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 9.37.48 AM

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